Our story

'Affordable handmade jewelry inspired by the seaside'

The name

'Annorlunda' is a Swedish word that means 'different' or 'unique'. Every Annorlunda piece is one of a kind, because every pearl is unique and all of our jewelry is handmade. 

The woman

Annorlunda is a one-woman business ran by Britt, a 23-year old Belgian student-entrepreneur and future goldsmith. Annorlunda goes against mass production and consumption. Every piece is carefully made with passion and precision.

The inspiration

Britt: "I grew up spending my weekends near the seaside. Wherever I am now, I can't help but feel an attraction towards the ocean. Open spaces bring me joy and tranquility. The sublime forces of nature fascinate me. I want to express my love for the seaside in my Annorlunda creations, which is why I love working with natural materials like freshwater pearls, crystals and shells."

The materials

Every piece is made with stainless steel, which is an affordable, waterproof and anti-allergic metal. Stainless steel won't lose it's colour and won't make your skin green. 


Ericeira, Portugal

Where I lost my heart

Heist, Belgium

Where I spend my summers

Beveren, Belgium

Where I was born

Nieuwjaars receptie NRG fitness


12 januari 2024

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